Mallorca inventors Club

Mallorca inventors Club

Who We Are

A group of inquisitive and restless minds that have come together on the island of Mallorca with the aim of making the world a little less complicated through invention.

We want to change the world for the better.

Who Are We?

A group of restless minds that had group our self on the island of Mallorca in Spain & to make the world a less complicated through invention.

We want to change the world for the better.

Through NETWORKING between us we can do more.

Through NETWORKING we can add more among us all.

Bartolomé Salvador Munar Torrens


Presidente de mallorcainventors club - Miquel Ferragut

J. Cànaves


R. Estades

Financial Services

T. Alzamora


M. Ferragut


An Idea

First is the idea that appears from creativity, anywhere at any time. Followed by the theory, experimentation, testing, turning errors into successes: research and development.

Why was the inventor’s club created?

To offer support to those inquisitive restless minds so their ideas can become inventions or a utility model, so it can be commercialized and hopefully improve society.

Come to our meetings and get to know us.
One of our mottos is; how to invent something without bankrupting yourself in the process

Mallorquin Inventors in the history of Spain

Pere Sastre Obrador, better known as Pere De Son Gall ( llucmayor, Mallorca 1895-1965) Invented the Cometagiroavión a precursor to what became the helicopter-

The Giroavio Comet

Documentary, from year 2016; 54 minutes (Catalan original version).

Welcome to the club’s collaborators:

Intermediaries, representatives, lawyers, marketing, engineers, those who offer their support to the creator of the idea
Remember, not everything has not been invented yet

Remember, not everything is invented, it’s still missing a lot

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